Are you new to Reiki?
Reiki is a type of alternative healing therapy. It was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. The word can be broken down into two meanings. “Rei” means God’s wisdom or higher power. “Ki” is the life force energy. When combined, Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy. Gentle and loving with no side effects. Each person is a unique individual and so Reiki works differently for each person. Do you need energy or calming? Is it anxiety and overwhelm that you are dealing with or perhaps not enough stamina to get through your day? Whether physical or emotional pain you are dealing with, Reiki has been known to help in the healing process. Intention is very important to any endeavor and so it is with your healing session. Give some thought to why you are seeking a Reiki healing session
What to expect in a session:
1. I will ask you your intention in receiving a Reiki healing. Is there an area in your life (physical, emotional, professional, relational, spiritual, etc.) where you would like to bring healing or fresh energy, movement, or alignment? Is there a pattern or habit in your life you would like help in shifting?
2. You remain fully clothed and you will make yourself comfortable on the massage table. I will lead you through a short relaxation technique to help you be fully at ease. I then begin the Reiki healing.
3. We end by briefly reviewing your session; your experience and impressions. I am often given images or words as I work, or idea for how you might self-support and continue the work we began in the session on your own, in the days and weeks following.